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The Team

Mr. Mick Maher

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Mr. Michael ‘Mick’ Maher founded Maher & Associates LLC in September 2016 after 5 years as a program manager at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).  He provides consultation services to provide his clients with key insights, analysis, and evaluations to assist in making better, critical, strategic, and tactical decisions, as well as developing transition paths in areas concerning new material and manufacturing technologies.


Mr. Maher joined DARPA as a program manager in September 2011. He managed a portfolio of programs specializing in advanced materials and manufacturing that included the Tailorable Feedstock and Forming, Materials Development for Platforms, and Open Manufacturing programs. While at DARPA his programs developed new technologies that enabled rapid qualification of new manufacturing technologies and developed revolutionary new composite technologies, novel lightweight multifunctional and specialty material systems.


Mr. Maher came to DARPA from the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) where he was Chief of the Composite and Hybrid Materials Branch and Materials Applications Branch. While at ARL, Mr. Maher oversaw the research and development programs in the areas of armor material, coatings, composite technologies, failure analysis, hybrid material systems, processing and material transitions.


Prior to his work at ARL, Mr. Maher served in various technology and management positions over a 20-year span at companies such as Martin Marietta, AAI, and DuPont.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from Loyola College in Maryland. 

Mr. Mike Maher

Research Engineer
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Mr. Michael ‘Mike’ Maher, IV joined Maher & Associates in September 2016. 


Mr. Maher came to Maher & Associates from Southern Design & Mechanical, where he worked as a  reliability engineer specializing in the design and failure analysis of mechanical systems. He also used his industrial engineering background to improve inventory management and logistics to enhance operational efficiency. 


He has also worked with the Greenville Health System’s Memorial Hospital in Greenville, SC to implement changes to system processes  that would increase efficiency, while transitioning seamlessly. During his time at GHS and Southern Design, Mr. Maher gained expertise with failure analysis, root cause analysis, time/motion studies, process design, continuous improvement, human factors and ergonomic engineering, and project management.


Additionally, he has worked with the Army Research Laboratory, designing and developing manufacturing processes for the creation of micro-aerial vehicles and other robotics.Mr. Maher has also worked at the University of Delaware’s Center for Composite Materials, where he designed tooling to test recreational composite components. In these environments, he gained expertise in product design, modeling and simulation, additive manufacturing, and tooling design. 


Mr. Maher has also worked on several projects involving operations research, data analytics,, Lean Six Sigma, and production planning.  


Mr. Maher holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering (BSIE) from Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina. 

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